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Business Resources

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Resources for entrepreneurs, business start-ups, property owners, virtual businesses and small business owners.

Every entrepreneur knows that information is key to being successful. Where can you go to find resources for entrepreneurs? There are many sources both online and off that give information and assistance to property owners, virtual businesses and small business owners. The internet is a great place to start collecting resources. There is a wealth of information that is easy and free to get. Below are some examples.

Starting Your Business

There are many steps involved in starting your own business. The more you know, the more successful you can be in your ventures. Here is a site that has about 20 articles to help you in starting your business. There are many more resources available regarding starting your business. You can look at your local library as well as local small business organizations for more information about this.

Writing a Business Plan

You probably also know that writing a business plan is an important part of the success of your new business. Whether you plan to use it to try to get investors interested in your business, to get a grant or loan or just to help you manage your own growing business, it’s important to know how to create a proper one. Here is a source for tips on writing a business plan.

Raising Money

How will you obtain the capital needed to start your new business? Money is very important to the successful start up of a business. Starting and running a business can be very expensive so it’s good to know alternate methods of obtaining this income. Here are some ways to get the business capital that you need:

  • Yourself

  • Friends and relatives

  • Banks and credit unions

  • Small Business Administration (

  • Home loan equity

  • Grants

  • Vendor financing

  • Retirement plan

  • Credit cards

You should probably try to avoid getting all your capital from one place and keep the amount that you are borrowing as low as possible because it can be difficult to pay it back.

Business Strategies

How do you plan to run your business? It’s very important that you learn proper business strategies. Here are some places you can go for assistance with that:

Business Leadership

If you are going to run your own company, it is important that you learn as much as you can about business leadership. has a lot of articles to help you learn more about business leadership, what it takes to lead a business and how you can become a better leader.

If you do a little digging on your own, you will discover that there are many more great places to find resources and helpful information for new business owners. You can find resources on forming your company, small business marketing, entrepreneurial selling and strategies, leadership, intellectual property, accounting, tax tips, other legal information, how to obtain legal representation, human resources and much more. Virtually everything you need to know about running your own business is available and much of this is free or at least low-cost.

Here are a few more resources of interest to entrepreneurs you may want to check out:



  • Entrepreneur's Library by Cayenne Consulting

  • Lone Eagles Consulting - Resources for Startups

  • Small Business CEO

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